katsudon recipe / カツ丼 作り方

[Chapter4:Katsudon recipe カツ丼の作り方
Please see below for the ingredients, written recipe, FAQ, and more!!

(If you don’t know or want to buy Kombu, there is a link and explanation in below)

0:00 Prepare Ingredients
1:58 Season pork
3:20 Sauce
4:03 Fresh panko
4:53 Crumb
5:47 Cook the sauce
6:46 Deep fry
7:39 Finishing

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[Ingredients 1 serve (GRAM version)]
-Pork loin 180g
-Egg 2
-Plain flour some
-Black pepper some
-White bread some

[kombu salt]
-Kombu (dried kelp) 4g
-Salt 50g

[for the sauce]
-Water 100ml
-kombu 1g
-Sugar 1tsp (5g)
-Soy sauce 4tsp (20ml)
-Sake 2tsp (10ml)
-Mirin 1tsp (5ml)

-Onion 1/2 (60g)
-Ginger (peeled) 5g


[Ingredients 1 serve (OUNCE version)]
-Pork loin 0.4lb
-Egg 2
-Plain flour some
-Black pepper some
-White bread some

[kombu salt]
-Kombu (Dried kelp) 0.15oz
-Salt 1.8oz

[for the sauce]
-Water 2.1oz
-Kombu 0.04oz
-Sugar 1tsp (0.18oz)
-Soy sauce 4tsp (0.42oz)
-Sake 2tsp (0.21oz)
-Mirin 1 tsp (0.10z)

-Onion 1/2 (2.1oz)
-Ginger (peeled) 0.2oz



[Chapter1:Prepare Ingredients]
-Skim off the pork
-Spike in between the fat and flesh
-flatten to 1.5cm (0.6inch) with the back of the knife
-Cut onion against the grain
-Mince ginger

[Chapter2: Season pork]
-Blitz the kombu and salt
-Mix 1/3 tsp (1.6g) kombu salt and 1/6 tsp (0.8g) sugar
-Sprinkle it to the pork
-Leave at room temp for 0.5-1 hour

[Chapter3: Sauce]
-Soak kombu and water for 1 hour
(Best overnight)
-Mix everything in (sauce) section except the veggies

[Chapter4: Fresh panko]
-Blitz the bread to your liking

[Chapter5: Crumb]
-Mix plain flour and black pepper
-Crumb the pork with flour, egg, panko

*The pork has to be around 15℃ (59F)
before deep frying

[Chapter6: Cook the sauce]
-Cold pan, vege oil, ginger. Medium heat
-Once ginger smells good, add onion
-A pinch of kombu salt
-Once the onion is softened, add the sauce
-Boil for 30 seconds, Gas off
-Leave to infuse

[Chapter7: Deep fry]
-Deep fry the pork at 180-183℃ (356-361F)
-Cook 2.5mins
-Rest in vertical angle for 2 mins

[Chapter8: Finishing]
-Meanwhile, reheat the sauce
-Discare kombu
-Whisk 2 eggs
-Cut the pork, and dip into the sauce
-Put the pork onto rice

-High heat with the rest of the sauce
-Add water if looks dry
-Once boiled, pour the egg
-Make a scramble egg, then serve on the pork



Q: Can I skip Sake?
A: Yes you can. Or use Ryorishu (Cooking sake) which is cheap.
Or Rice wine could be an another choice

Q:Can I skip Mirin?
A: You can replace with sugar

Q: I can’t find Kombu
A: You can shop from the link above,
or replace with Kombu dashi powder
or Kombu concentrate

Q:What is your frying pan?
A: The brand is “Pro cooker”
Please search “Pro cooker pan”


[About KOMBU]

“KOMBU” is one of the mother ingredient of true authentic Japanese cuisine.
It’s usually soaked, or boiled in water to make its stock called “Kombu dashi” (Dashi means stock in Japanese) And Kombu dashi is typically used in cooking soup dishes including miso soup.

In this channel, I want to proudly introduce about kombu to the world as a Japanese chef, and try to create many ways of using it at home. So we can learn together!!


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